Edelsteinminen Idar-Oberstein
Historische Weiherschleife
The Historic Agate Mill

weiherschleife_21. The water mill

Since the 15th century the local precious stone resources have been processed in our so-called agate mills. The huge sandstone wheels of these water mills were worked by water energy. Until the year 1945 – the „Weiherschleife“ was the last existing and operating agate mill along the Idarbach. Even this mill was in danger of tumbling down but we have to be grateful to the town council’s decision of Idar-Oberstein in 1953/54 to restore this mill – afterwards it was privatly used and processed and had to be renewed and partly renovated again in the years 1996/97, After that the mill was overtaken by an association called „Förderverein Steinkaulenberg-Weiherschleife“ and opened for visitors. There are guides with experts‘ knowledge, who demonstrate and explain the hard work and processing methods in those mills in former times. Thereafter you will be led to a small exhibition room with unique specimen found in the precious stone area Idar-Oberstein and you can admire cutted and facetted valuable treasures from centuries ago. A Multimedia-Show will present you the topic „The Secret of the Precious Stones“ and will inform you about development, exploitation and processing of the magnific, unique treasures of the nature. This show is offered multilingual: in German, Dutch, English and French. At the end you will be led into a spiritual room- the Esoteric Room- where very sensitive persons can experience the floating of energy from the unique exponates. The guidance lasts about 60 minutes.

mineralien_schuerfplatz_172. The Prospecting Place for Precious Stones

Next to the agate mill „Weiherschleife“ there you can find a large, covered sand-field equipped with minerals from all over the world, where children and young persons (adults not excluded) can „dig“ for the desired precious stones by means of sand sieves. Success is guaranteed! Included in this 2-hour-adventure is the „crack“ of a precious stone geode by means of the original stone cracker, which divides the geode into two halfs and all the beauty of a druise or nut becomes apparent. Whatever a precious stone you have found it has become your property and the „digger“ will also be owner of the divided geode.

Opening Hours and Admission Charges (valid from March 15)

Historical Weiherschleife
Tour – daily opened from 03/15/09-11/15//09       Reservation for groups
from 10.00am-6.00pm 

Phone: 06781 - 90 19 18
Fax: 06781 - 90 19 19


1.     Tour:  Watermill, Exhibition,  Multi-Media-Show, Spiritual Precious Stone Room,
(furthermore there is a mineralshop)


Admission Charge:
1. Adults (Single visitor) € 6,00
2. Adults in groups from 10 person € 5,50
3. Disabled, students, unemployed person,
person liable for military service, community service with document
€ 5,00
4. Young person from 6 – 16 years € 5,00
5. Pupils in classes € 4,50
6. Children under 6 years in groups € 4,00
7. Children under 6 years in families free


Miningfield for children (Adults are also allowed) 
daily  from   10.00 am - 12.00 pm
and/or  from    12.30 pm -  2.30 pm
and/or  from      3.00 pm -  5.00 pm

Admission Charge:
Using Charge (for 2 hours) € 7,00


Explanation for the procedure at the Galleries in the Steinkaulenberg and in the Historical Weiherschleife:

Eventhough also enroled groups often arrrive not on time due to different circumstances, there is the basic rule that all guests are guided according to their chronological arrival. On high visitors volume waiting times up to 30 minutes are sometimes –unfortunately- unavoidable. We apologize for an yinconvenience.

Note for the visitor: For groups from 20 person there is admission free for 2 person (e.g. 1 busdriver, 1 companion).

For information and reservation please dial directly:

1. Precious Stone Mine Steinkaulenberg
Phone: 06781 – 47 400; Fax: 06781 – 98 00 30

2. Historical Weiherschleife
Phone: 06781 – 3 15 13 und 90 19 18; Fax: 06781 – 90 19 19